Many many thanks to everyone who took part, your creations were all utterly wonderful ! This was a tricky challenge and all the entries were hugely impressive.

This year we had two categories, each with a prize of £200

For the category of ingenious, unusual, clever and elegant uses of science and technology we had an agonising time choosing the winner. We adored Applied Science's "Sunscreen, UV & neon" entry - it was the epitome of ingenious & clever and would have been a popular winner. However, the frequency of flashing was a long way off the 1Hz target rate. On the other hand, Tuopeek 1's periodically quenched Tesla coil was very close to 1Hz, could drive just about any neon filled vessel, was great to look at (and surprisingly relaxing to watch) and produced nice sparks too. Therefore, it is our pleasure to announce that the winner of this category is...


Tuopeek 1

for  Periodically quenched Tesla coil

For the category of crazy, absurd and humorous contraption, the judging was equally difficult. However, in the end (and in the face of very stiff competition) we decided that because of the marvellous mechanism and unusual circuit, the winner of this category is..

Pamersiel Oshurmy Delmuson Thafloyn

for  "Neon Wheel Light"

Once again, thanks to all who took part and please stay tuned for another Flashing Light Prize later this year !


Announcing the two winners !