The Flashing Light Prize 2017


Entries can be found on YouTube  (search for "Flashing Light Prize 2017")

Here's what we've got  (in no particular order):

Title of project is quoted where given, otherwise our description is in the brackets

Junichi Akita   "Bulb flashing using custom LSI"

Jsukuba   (using twin filament bulb with feedback)

Matt Rutter   (using water in tube)

Applied Science   "World's smallest lightbulb flasher"

Ivaylo Iliev   "Radiometer feedback"

Ivaylo Iliev   "Light bulb forming a pendulum"

Randomtronic  (using relay ring oscillator)

Ilusys systems  "using relay ring oscilator"

Derek Extreme Electronics "Wimshurst + ignition coil"  Winning entry !

ProfExtreme  "A Steampunk Tesla Coil, Bluetooth & 1 leg of a Lamp"

Tom Wilkinson   (using motor, stick & switch)

ExplosiveDischarge   "The Frightening Filament Flasher"

Micah Elizabeth Scott   "Induction Swing"

rrmutt   (using Jacob's ladder)

Sprite TM   "Servers as Distributed World-wide Delay Elements"

Jurgan Kobierczynski   "Using Icestorm FPGA (1)"

Jurgan Kobierczynski   "Using Icestorm FPGA (2)"

Jurgan Kobierczynski   "RF remote via Arduino"

Jesper Dahlberg   "Going nuclear !"

Redeat   (mechanical Schmitt trigger)

Luigi Pizzolito   "Rube-Goldberg-Ish"

Martyn Davies   (using Tiny RTC board)

Mikeselectricstuff   (1000w bulb + solar cell)

Crow Radio and Plasma Science   "Discharge-tube oscillator with transformer"

Skruffles   "Timing Wheel with Optical Sensor "

Dajgoro Labinac   (Relay based)

Krunt   "Light Wheel"

VWestlife  "Flashing bulb cassette"

Kevin Reid   "Flashing Engine"

A Menadue   "Casio fx-502p"


Captain Overkill  (Jacob's ladder + 2 bulbs)


Nezbrun   "Duckie Douche"

Nezbrun   "Pulse-o-tron"

uxwbill  "Box fan light bulb flasher"

Pamona Bill  "Chrono-flash"

Frank Buss   "Touch Lamp"

M Ramakers  (dripping tap)

Sebastian Rietig   "Discrete NE555"

Thomas Kramer   "Water dripping"

Jiri Stavelik   (DCF 77 flasher)

Sage Focus LLC   "Double pendulum random number generator"

Donald Sayers   (GPO master clock)

bsphotovideo   (Pendulum)

Tobias Madel   DCF-Controlled

Mathis Bu   (using rolling cylinders)

Mathis Bu   "Induction heating attempt"

Nathan Lasseter  (uses 6 virtual machines)

Christian Mock   "Flashing light with a 3D printer"

Vije Miller   "TVShow 3X12  Arduino Wave Generator"

Vije Miller   "TVShow 3X13  Rubber Ducky"

Vije Miller   "TVShow 3X14  Arduino Scat"

Vije Miller   "TVShow 3X15  Arduino Horror"

Vije Miller   "TVShow 3X16  IoT Pacing"

Vije Miller    "TVShow 3X19 Arduino 101 Break Up (FAIL)"

pabrdotorg   "Bimetallic switch thermostat oscillator"

Chris Wouse   "Electromechanical Schmitt Trigger"

Jonathan McDonald  "Newcastle tafe SCR prac. playing with light globes"

Alex Hahn  (Lego based)

Lawrence Sears   "LarryLab"

ZeonZ   "Turbine + Light = The Turblight"

Ron Englebright   "Ecobot"

Timothy Hobbs   "Thermal Oscillator"

John Black   "Hot Vacuum-Tube Clicker (a self playing machine)"

Suraj Grewal   (using motorised hacksaw)

Adrian Chung   "Solar flower fan feedback"

Adrian Chung   "Minimal marble mechanical metronome"

Sparky Projects  (bank of relays)

Sparky Projects  "Annoying flasher"

Sparky Projects  "Almost steam powered"

Gesamtszenario   "IV Line Timer"

Madness 832   "X10 flasher"

Nonchan3   "Flashing light bulb with Raspberry Pi"

Casten Riepling   "Super simple Flexinol based flasher"

ElecDIY   (using transistor circuit)

ac7zl   (motor and relays)

Lambda's Lab   "Lambda's cat"

Electronics idiot   "Rube Goldberg Light Flasher"

Fran Blanche   "Are you really gonna watch this ?"

Wayne Holder  (Morse code)

Oehrly   "VGA controlled motor switching a light bulb"

Lunar Hermit   (reel to reel tape loop)

Avi Rotstein   "Fidget Spinner Electromagnetic Engine"

Avi Rotstein   "Fidget Spinner cam wheel"

Avi Rotstein   "Fidget Spinner Tri Bulb"

Andy Ash   "Four candles"

Elektronaut   "Electromechanical flashing controller"

Tanner Tech   "Neon Bulb Triggered, Vacuum Tube Amplified Light Blinker!"

Huricane_32   "Flashing BIOS"

Rob Smith   "Slightly Elaborate Solution"

Tuopeek1   (uses Kenotron valve)

vk2zay   "Home made light bulb"

vk2zay   "Charge dripping flasher"

RWN labs   "Rich's photon counting setup"


Max   "Crookes radiometer"

RoGeorgeRoGeorge   "Frequency shifter"

Prehistoricman   "5% efficiency"

Kevin Koster   "Swing strober"

Mr Mercury Fixit   "Party incandescent lights"

Optisimon   "Failed attempt"  (using Jacob's ladder)

Infra   (Fidget spinner + solar panel)

5PMKludge    (uses multiple MOSFETs)