The Flashing Light Prize 2018


Entries can be found on YouTube  (search for "Flashing Light Prize 2018")

Nezbrun:   "Flash a Neon bulb from a 1.5v AAA cell"

RH Electronics:  "120BPM"

RH Electronics:  "MIDI lamp flashing and AC dimming"

Tuopeek 1  (Tesla coil based)

Tuopeek 1  "Microwave plasma"

MRamakers:   "Simplicity"

the100thidiot:   "Ring counter"

Pamersiel Oshurmy Delmuson Thafloyn:  "Neon wheel light"

Pamersiel Oshurmy Delmuson Thafloyn:  "Flame licker"

Bromeliad House:   "Pinball"

Bromeliad House:   "Clock Radio"

Ben Krasnow Applied Science:   "Sunscreen, UV and neon"

John Hiesey:   "Minimalist design"

jwrm22   (electric fly swatter)

Daniel De Jager   (oscillating fans)

Skruffles:  "Safe & easy AC switching with a high power Triac

NiHaoMike:  "RFID and a broken smartphone"

ElecDIY:  "Nixie Tester"

Jason Olshefsky:  "Summing Sines"

Nikloa Anderbaum:  "The Matchbox Flasher AKA The Walking Dead Battery Flasher"

Nikola Anderbaum:  "The Wireless RF Powered Flasher"

s3sebastian:  "Wireless flashing light with a shitty grounding"

Andy Ash:  "Crash Box"

Julian Topolski   (Bulgarian bulb + capacitor)

Alistair MacDonald   (electric dog collar + lasers)

Elektronenrennbahn   "Cathode Ray Duty"

Mathis Bü   "Keithley Nixie Multimeter enters The Flashing Light Prize"

Alan Yates  vk2zay   "Neon Bistable and Cap-Ratio divider"


To get neon gas to glow requires high voltages, radio frequency energy and/or other dangerous things. Moreover, any glass vessel containing the neon could shatter and cause injury. Do not attempt to build anything for this contest unless you have the necessary skills, knowledge and safety equipment. The Flashing Light Prize and its organisers accept no responsibility for any injury or loss howsoever caused.