It's a terrible cliché to say that a competition was difficult to judge because all the entries were so good, but in this case it's completely TRUE.  The creations were all combinations of clever, beautiful, funny, wonderful and amazing. Picking an overall winner was quite an ordeal. Nevertheless, we have come to a decision:


The winner of the Flashing Light Prize 2017 is...


Derek - Extreme Electronics

for his Wimshurst machine + ignition coil

Click here for project details

It's an unusual, ingenious and bizarre approach which functions really well. We particularly liked the completely rational yet wonderfully abnormal use of a car's ignition coil. In some steam-punkish, parallel universe, this might even be a good way of flashing a bulb !


We must also have honourable mentions for some of the other entries:

Lawrence Sears's "LarryLab" and Electronics Idiot's "Rube Goldberg Light Flasher" for making us laugh out loud

Bsphoto for creating something that looks like it belongs in a high-end art gallery

Jaromir Sukuba for an extremely elegant circuit

Micah Elizabeth Scott's "Induction swing" for brilliant use of compressed air 

Mikeselectricstuff for having by far the best light bulb

Alan Yates "Home made light bulb" for making his own light bulb !!!

Applied Science for pushing the boundaries of miniaturisation 

All six entries by Vije Miller for whom a deal on Netflix surely beckons !  

Huge thanks to EVERYONE who has taken part and also those who have helped, promoted and enthused about The Flashing Light Prize.

NEWSFLASH !   Given the fantastic response to the Flashing Light Prize 2017, we're delighted to announce there is going to be a Flashing Light Prize 2018. Once again, it will be a competition to find unusual ways of flashing a light, but this time it won't be an incandescent bulb. Hmmm...

Full details will be revealed in September this year.





Announcing the winner !